I am an Artist and Illustrator living in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

I studied Foundation Arts at Bradford College then went on to study Illustration at Cambridge College of Art and Technology back in the early 90's but unfortunately took a different career path after leaving.

After being a partner in a successful small business, producing AutoCAD drawings, for 16 years, I eventually made the decision to leave the business I was in and change direction to follow  what I feel is my true vocation.

I have a long term wish to give something back to those in need in our society today. My vision is to grow a creative vehicle that can make charitable donations of 20% of all profits or volunteer my services 1 day out of 5 each week. Out of this idea was born my vision of what I call the "2080 COLLECTIVE". 

I see this as a social responsibility and will be working hard over the coming years to make this vision a reality. I would eventually like to make this work to such an extent that I can get other established or up and coming Artists, Illustrators and Designers to get behind the concept and join me in this journey. It is early days for this project but it is the reason that my artworks are watermarked by the 2080 COLLECTIVE logo where necessary so my apologies for the protection across this site.

a few words about Me and 2080Collective

Beginning in October 2017 I became proudly involved to volunteer my support to a fantastic new Community Interest Company named "Build A Girl" The company aims to provides an early intervention programme and educational, well-being resource to young women and girls at risk of child sexual exploitation. 

It is with much regret that, after 6 months of initial support, I currently can no longer offer a full day a week support to "Build A Girl". I greatly enjoyed my short time with BAG and will continue to offer a 

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charitable percentage of any remunerations that my creative work receives towards supporting "Build A Girl" projects.. Fiona Broadfoot, the Founder of "Build A Girl" continues to amaze me with her fight for women's rights and the empowerment of young women at risk.

This website will continue to be a record of the images, drawings and paintings that I have been completing since I made the decision to change my path back in 2016, so please do revisit the website for regular updates if interested in my work.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope that you enjoy some of the images/artworks. Please feel free to contact me through the contact page of this website should you require any further details of my work or availability to discuss and support your projects. Or just leave a comment if you like what you see, it would be great to hear some feedback.