"Jeff the Duckling" is a character based around the famous story of "the Ugly Duckling". I see a lot of emphasis put on the value of looking Perfectly Beautiful (whatever that may be) when I use social media these days. "Pouting Selfies" with heavily applied filters are everywhere. I worry about a society that makes people feel the need to promote a filtered version of their private lives to make them somehow feel better.


Jeff is named after a good friend of mine called Ray! Ray is such a good guy that he hadn't the heart to correct a Contractor, that was working for him, when he wrongly started calling him Jeff so from that day forward he was known as Jeff to our group of Badminton playing friends.


The illustration is completely drawn in "Inkscape" and is wholly vector based. It was one of the first attempts I made to add "grain" to my digital illustrations. Although I was happy with the result at the time the image now seems too smooth - too "Digital." I now prefer to create the grain with an added step in the raster based program, GIMP. I think I will revisit this Illustration to redraw this image and develop the story further. I like the moral message of a Duckling that doesn't mind being a bit weird and unusual. So called "Weird and Unusual" people fascinate me. I admire the bravery of following your own path in a world where we long to belong to a group and are continually forced to "fit in".

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