"Baby Tiger" (yes, I know it's a cub...)is something I developed as a nursery print for my Grandson's (Noah) nursery wall after my son had asked me to produce some images for the new bedroom. He wanted something more personal than the "Mama's and Papa's" stock imagery. Although I had been guided to some images that the new parents "liked" I was keen not to copy anything I had seen before and try instead to continue the style I was developing at the time. I bring influences from the things that surround me to my work and it just so happed that "Beyoncé's Sasha Fierce" had dropped into my random playlist that morning and suddenly she was part of the message that I wanted to give to our new bundle of joy! I try to just "Go With" these random thoughts and hope my creativity will work it out. It doesn't always work but that's just part of creating. If we are too scared to fail then how can we create anything new or of value? 

I have added a few of the development stages to illustrate my workflow .The initial pencil sketches are scanned and then the linework is vectorized in "Inkscape".

A flat, greyscale image is then produced to see if the composition works on a tonal basis.

I then choose a limited palette and import the vector linework into "GIMP" where I begin the colourization process. Once the flat colours have been checked and matched to the greyscale image I begin to shade and add texture to the illustration.

Finally small details are added and slight adjustments to opacity and hue of the various layers are played with until I am happy with the results.

Although I like all the jungle greenery I thought the image was too busy for Noah's Nursery wall so I flattened the background and added the Tag Line with reference to it's origination. A collaboration between Beyoncé and Me ("Grandy" is my new Grandpa name and "Grandy Gee" just gives me more opportunity to work as a Collaborative Rapper on her next album if Beyoncé ever see's this and give's me a call)

If the thought of getting creative with FREE software is something that appeals then I urge you to search out GIMP and INKSCAPE on the internet as great starting point for a windows based Raster and Vector solution. You can get some really professional quality results to compete with the Adobe based, expensive likes of Photoshop and Illustrator IMHO. Use my contact page if you need any advise and I will do what I can to help.

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