"Kevin the Camel" is a character I came up with when  a friend approached me with a Children's Book idea. Kevin is a "Dapper" looking Camel who is out for a walk one day and comes across various other animal characters on his journey. The story was presented to me by way of SONG as I spoke to a school friend that I hadn't spoken to for 32 years. She was much more confident than I will ever be as she sang the story to me most eloquently down the phone! I am in the process of waiting for a confirmed transcript so watch this space for more updates to this Family Story that has been passed down through their families children over the years.

I have added a few of the development stages to illustrate my workflow .The initial pencil sketches (a few of many of which are shown in the images)are scanned and then the linework is vectorized in "Inkscape".

A flat, greyscale image is then produced to see if the composition works on a tonal basis.

I then choose a limited palette and import the vector linework into "GIMP" where I begin the colourization process. Once the flat colours have been checked and matched to the greyscale image I begin to shade and add texture to the illustration.

Finally small details are added and slight adjustments to opacity and hue of the various layers are played with until I am happy with the results. The Kevin I chose was one of many development sketches, all of which are on the "Weird" side. Weird is what just flows from the pencil as I play around and scribble so "Weird" is what remains at the end. 

If the thought of getting creative with FREE software is something that appeals then I urge you to search out GIMP and INKSCAPE on the internet as great starting point for a windows based Raster and Vector solution. You can get some really professional quality results to compete with the Adobe based, expensive likes of Photoshop and Illustrator IMHO. Use my contact page if you need any advise and I will do what I can to help.

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