In the Christmas of 2015 a member of my family was kind enough to buy a box of pure graphite pencils in a variety of grades.

I was at a point of turmoil in my current career, at that point,  feeling misguided and unfulfilled. I needed to return to a creative outlet.


In March 2016 I decided it was long overdue that I returned to my passion for drawing after many years. I had spent  more than 20 years without the time or opportunity to indulge in the very thing I loved so much. So, I decided that I would take on a challenge to try and create a habit once more and so the drawing began. What you can see in the images on this page are the development and exploration of a long lost passion. I will continue to update the drawing over the next few months or years as I return to this exercise in concentration and visualisation whenever time and effort allows.

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