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I have recently joined the group "URBAN SKETCHERS YORKSHIRE" so that I can find some comfort in numbers whilst I struggle to capture on paper what my eyes see in front of me. With the advent of a camera being in every device we ever use at all times, the thought of seeing what only one person can ever show me thrills me everytime I get my hands on another person's sketchbook.

Sketching to me is a personal journal, and I appreciate anyone that is kind enough or brave enough to share their personal view of the world as only they can. The thought of being in a group of people that will not judge and will openly communicate their artwork with anyone that shares their struggle is a fantastic idea to me and is wholly in tune with the studies I undertook at Cambridge School of Art and Technology (CCAT) whilst studying Illustration so many moons ago.

Hopefully you can forgive my spelling if not my sketching!

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